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GIẢM BÉO AN TOÀN KHÔNG PHẪU THUẬT- Giảm 25% tại Linh Sing hair salon&spa



Ultra cavitation light know-how as of Korea shared ultrasonic and RF resonators drive assistance womenfolk obligate a trim physique rapidly and securely than constantly previously .Light INNOCUOUS SURGICAL PROCEDURE - 25%


    Ultrasound waves motivation authorization complete the coating , important to the right complexity , strength and influence frequency suitable to all sheet of fat , as fat prison cell harvest temperature feelings vibrate melt fat ... fat after putrefaction resolve be eliminated since the figure by natural filtration progression .Emotionalism taygiam radical light fat cavitation

    Accent Hi-fi Frequency ( RF ) is a new skill via electromagnetic vigor to conclusion profound film of fat , injury fat to produce warmness . Hotness generated despite the fact inspiring collagen explosion , recover gore circulation in home , stiffen the skin , the face, neckline firming ... extent Outcomes abdomen, behinds , thighs ... mounted unhappy , the hot melt fat chin , covering knowingly lessen the wrinkles ... This technology also solves the problem of wobbly membrane after liposuction bowl-shaped or arched .stretchy slimming belly fat fast singgiam safety

      Star of diet Cavi overawed the weaknesses of the earlier cohort slimming appliance , must not be fat again . This expertise does not injury connective tissue , collagen, elastic strands are top guard that copies sagging covering later action .


                                    beogiam lessen belly fat

     Thanks to the astonishing results that Cavi -Star technology has achieved guarantee for safety and efficacy through the severe morals compulsory by FDA ( Protection Agency of the U.S. medicinal and diet ) and CE ( European ideals ) .diet thighs


     Cavi -Star by you to achieve fast fat forfeiture goalmouths wanting unnecessary eating self-restraint , no agony , no low-fat capsule , decrease figure fat and gore sugar , recover blubbery liver illness , increasing complete wellbeing .


Bariatric Actions at Croon Ling mop barbershop & spa is finished as tails :


Step 1 : Checked the rank of the wastewater handling and intake poison

Step 2 : Put on balm and acupressure light deadly wastewater

Step 3 : Use vibrator unstiffen fat tissues .Stage 4 : Use RF scald fat

Step 5 : Use ultrasonic timbre and thaw fat excretion .Phase 6 : Shawl the hot area, or use an electronic extensive to stole hot form and poisons out of the frame .Phase 7 ; drinking water, deadly waste and cream .



      After a sequence of 10-15 meetings successfully reduced by 6-8 cm .

 back fat low-fat monggiam beogiam



( The value related to the service after 08 up . Single provision positive 25 % . )

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